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Code of Practice

I will never knowingly give an angel reading to anyone under the

age of 18 unless parental permission is given.

I accept that angel card readings will never be used as a substitute for medical advice and agree never to give medical advice to clients. I will always encourage my client to seek the

correct medical professional.


I will never conduct an angel card reading under the influence of alcohol or illegal mind-altering drugs.


I will never conduct a reading for a client under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs, I will ask for honesty from my client. These sessions can be emotionally draining and unsettling. If at any time I feel the client isn’t ok or I become aware the client is under the influence, I will end the session immediately, offering a full refund where there has been a financial exchange.


I will always have my client’s best interest at heart.


I will treat my clients with kindness and respect, I will never use threatening behaviour or language and I expect the same in return from my clients. I will never share premonition or predictions that may suggest fearful experiences or language around curses, punishment from angels or a higher power, or warnings that could be damaging or include implications to my client’s lifestyle or life.


I will always act from a place of the highest integrity with the intentions or sharing

angelic guidance with my client for their greatest good.


I shall make my clients aware that guidance from the angels does not override

their free will choices for themselves or others.

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